Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation

Welcome to the topic of meditation. Meditation got lost and crooked through time, and today we can find a lot of different types of it. But have you tried Transcendental meditation (TM)?

What is Transcendental meditation (TM)?


Transcendental meditation is a whole new page in your life.

You see, you need a teacher for Transcendental Meditation. It is the complete process of going through initiation and giving something of your own to your teacher. That is a tradition where you show respect to your Guru, who brought this information to you. Information was passed through generations, and this is why you need to learn these techniques from a reliable source.

But how do you know what is a reliable source?

You go back, where it all started.

TM was introduced by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Maharishi, in short, meaning “great seer” was an Indian Guru and a leader.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi became a student and assistant of Swami Brahmananda Saraswati in the region of Himalayas. Maharishi introduced techniques of Transcendental meditation to India and the world in 1955.

Why is this so important?

Because today there are more than 40,000 licensed TM teachers and more than six million people who are practicing TM.

He invested in thousands of teaching centers and hundreds of schools, universities, and colleges. Maharishi also created health supplements and organic farms. Today we have the power to get his products all over the world.

Experience of Transcendation

Maharishi stated that transcendence is an inner essence of every human.

The experience of transcendation is the most therapeutic in the whole universe. It releases stress, illnesses, and makes a better society by sharing positive energy. And the best thing is, it is suitable for everyone. Transcendation gives you peace, joy, health, strength, and intuition. It lowers negative emotions, such as anger, anxiety, and sadness. Increases focus, energy, and inner power. Nothing can come close to the experience of transcendation.

What are the different types of meditation?

There are three different types of meditation;

  • Concentration

Those methods are based on a controlled focus on some object, image, idea, or emotion. That can be very exhausting and hard to do. In this type of meditation, you try to control your breathing. Sometimes the focus is also on body posture.

  • Contemplation

This method can be very relaxing. Your job is to be an observer of your thoughts and emotions. You let your attention drift from one place to another. You observe your mental experience without reacting to them.

  • Transcendation

This category includes methods that aim to transcend their activity. Such methods allow the mind to transcend the very process of meditation spontaneously. There are extremely few techniques in this category.

Where did I get my TM training?

First of all, I was skeptical as all of you probably are. But that is the best possible scenario.

I heard about TM from my father, who is practicing this method for over 30 years. He always has fantastic mental clarity and focus, which he probably enhanced with TM.

I did my first practice of Transcendental meditation in Slovenia, Ljubljana. The organization is called ATMA CENTER. Everyone who joined the group knew that we had one of the best teachers out there. Andrej Rus and Darja Kogej are licensed and recited teachers of TM. They are practicing TM since 1984, and they were both in contact with the great teacher himself, Maharishi. They also studied on an academic level at Maharishi University in ZDA, and that is what separates them from the others. They have helped over 3.000 people, releasing stress, and living a better life.

Visit their site here;

Transcedental Meditation


However, if you don’t know where to search for a great TM teacher, we got you covered. You can check this website and watch for the FIND TM TEACHER button.

What happens in TM meditation?

Transcedental Meditation process

Transcendental meditation is like diving deep into the ocean. On the surface, there is a lot of noise which can be distracting at first. But when we go deeper, there is much less noise and much more peace.

Every thought is like a bubble of air, which begins at the bottom of the ocean. When it ascends, it becomes bigger and bigger until we can see it on the surface.

Similarly, our thoughts are created in our consciousness. When they are created, we barely notice, until we perceive them on a conscious, superficial level of mentality.

The picture clearly states what the TM technique does. It takes our attention to the source of thought, which is a state of pure consciousness.

‘Transcendence’ is, therefore, a process in which we progressively experience earlier stages of thought ever – until we reach the very origin of the idea.

Why do we want to experience earlier stages of thought?

The earlier levels of the thought process are more creative. There are more ideas and more solutions to these more profound levels of thinking. Thinking is more complete rather than fragmented. Things are more connected, not separate.

Very successful people have excessed to these more profound levels of thinking. So they have more ideas, they see more solutions, and they are more creative.

  • Elon Musk,
  • Cameron Diaz,
  • Nicole Kidman,
  • Hugh Jackman,
  • Oprah Winfrey,
  • Jim Carrey,
    … and many other successful people practice TM.

Transcendental Meditation mantra

In initiation with your teacher, you will get your Transcendental Meditation mantra, which you will use through meditation. It will help you get into more subtle thoughts, which are more rooted in our consciousness.

I want to find out more about TM!

If you are interested in TM, you can check

Another option is that you purchase a book by Peter Russel. I have read it on my own, and it is full of useful information about TM techniques. It also covers the history of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his teacher Swami Brahmananda Saraswati.

You will see all the great benefits of TM and why it is the most natural and most beneficial type of meditation.

My experience

This was single-handedly one of the best things I have experienced. When you join your Transcendental Meditation organization, you will have your teacher for life, taking you through the process of personal growth and leading you on a path to spiritual awakening. Not only that, but you will also have the opportunity to attend group meditations and guided weekends, where you will get to know and share your experiences. I encourage you to try TM and start living a stress-free life!

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  1. Rodarrick

    This is another thing entirely for me right now. I am a big time fan of meditation but I have never been truly into this type of meditation that deals with the student teaching or passing across information to the teacher. This is really great to see. I would seek more about this from my teacher anytime we are going for the next bit of training. Left to me, I like this and I’m sure I would be thrilled to learn it

  2. Eric

    I would like to experience transcendental meditation. My wife is a self-help coach as well as a hypnotherapist who helps people experience meditation every single day. She also states some very similar thoughts to you. One of them is being successful through the self visualization of open-ended meditation. Focusing on just one word does not work for me, rather it bores my mind, and then I just leave. My wife has been teaching me this method, and I’m learning new things about myself every day, as well as opening my mind up to unlimited possibilities. Thanks for this write up because it just shows me how much more power there is when we decide to open up our mind.

  3. Nuttanee

    As a buddhist, I practice meditation whenever I get the opportunity. I eases my stress and I am more calm and productive because of it. This is the first that I heard about Transcendental meditaion, I just practice my meditation as the monks guide me but never look into the differences between all of them. Thank for for sharing the information. Thank you for the link, I will definitely have to read that book. 🙂

  4. Perryline

    This is a good and informative article talking more on health care.  it is good most times to always meditate and think positively. I eases my stress and I am more calm and productive because of it. I have read about Transcedental Meditation all my life. I only create time to meditate each time im thinking of business and know the next step to take. Thanks providing such an amazing article and I can say I’m putting that to work already.

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