Stress and health

Stress and health

Why should we consider taking care of our bodies? Don’t let stress get the best of your health! We only know how fragile we are when we get ill.

Take care of your health

Our organs and every cell in our body are made to work in synergy. Stress and other factors can take a drastic effect on our well-being. To relieve us from diseases and illnesses, we should know how this body works. When we feel like we are angry at someone or frustrated with something, we are doing only harm to ourselves. Take a deep breath, as cliche as it sounds, and come back to your normal state.

Every time you go for a more extended period of intense negative emotions, you are distancing yourself from being healthy, physically, and especially mentally.

But what to do when you have a stressful job?

Start practicing things that make you feel relaxed. If you don’t have anything and if you are lost, you can try meditation or exercise. Yoga is the greatest thing you can do as it connects your mind with your body, such as Kriya yoga.

But today you have an ocean of yogas… and every time they come up with something new, which makes more nonsense than most of our crazy thoughts. They have introduced beer yoga, as fun as it sounds, it is…, I can’t say wrong, but stupid.

The right path to combating stress and health is breathing techniques.

Stress can be very detrimental

You can not eliminate outside stress from your life, as it will constantly be a part of your life. You cant have an impact on this kind of stress, but you can and should take a look at what is happening inside of you and what will you do when you are exposed to irritations and unpleasantness.

You deserve to feel good in your own skin, period. There is no need for you to be in agony.

Stress and Health

You should never let yourself go into madness, as you are the only one who will carry consequences. Even if you go on a rampage, as most of us do, the important thing is to come back, and see things as they are.



Stress is a huge factor in all kinds of illnesses. It causes inflammation in the body and is the number one cause of all diseases. This is why it can be very detrimental.

How to deal with stress?

To combat stress and health, start doing things that release you from negative thoughts and emotions. Maybe it’s music, maybe it’s a walk in the park, reading a book, or just taking a cold shower. Some things are more effective than others. Exercise is proven to release hormones of happiness after and during training. If you ever did a hard session in the gym or outdoors, afterward, you just felt at peace.

This is why we should promote getting healthy through exercise, as long as we are safe while doing it, mitigating injuries. The rest is also very important. Too much physical activity can cause another kind of stress, which can result in injury. Rest is obtained through good sleep at night and even more so, through meditation and breathing techniques.

So if you decide to take the path of cleansing yourself, meditation is the right path.

Transcedental Meditation

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