Can you experience love, anger, passion, or peacefulness through musicality?


Musicality is a vibration that makes the world go around.

Musicality would have a powerful punch on your emotions, especially if you shared a song with your loved one. Songs can bring old memories back, and therefore you experience some kind of nostalgia with different emotions attached to a particular soimaginationng. As you listen to a happy or sad song, you will get the same response in your body.

If you are in a blissful state of mind, you will resort to music that is uplifting and playful. If you want to relax or link with your body, you will listen to more calm, relaxed songs for your spirit.



Music can be a great way to deal with tension, as it puts our focus away from the problems. When we enjoy tones, we get the release of hormones of happiness; dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. It is also shown that musicality can have a healing effect on the body. Binaural beats can help with sleep, increase focus and concentration, reduce anxiety, and promote creativity. It can also help with managing pain, psychical, or emotional. It is worth trying listening to binaural beats, as it is entirely free and accessible to anyone, with the power of the internet.


As I got oldold but younger, my preferences changed, but I never forgot about the songs from my childhood. When I find some of the old songs I used to listen to, I can almost perceive how I felt back then. Food can have the same effect as particular tastes get stored in our brain, and when we eat something traditional to our family, we can relive those moments. Music also leaves a memory of consecutive beats and text. 

Music for fitness

Music is also a powerful tool for motivation. Strong man Eddie Hall, which has a world record in deadlifting ( half a ton or 500kg), used psychotherapy to be able to deadlift the weight. Backstage, before the lift, he listened to motivational words to basically walk on water.

This way, he created the best environment for his mind and to be 100% in tune with his body. Everybody was skeptical about human beings deadlifting half a ton, but Eddie Hall proved everyone wrong. I am not saying music takes all the credit for his deadlift, but it sure did enhance him for the crucial moment. With a combination of genes, work ethic, and mind, he was able to do so.

Vibration for everyone


It came with a big bang and left a buzz (AUM) inside our heads. If you sit in a quiet place, you will know what I am referring to as a buzz or an om. You can say AUM is a vibration of energy. Everything has a wave of vibration; therefore, everything is music. Even our body is a universe on its own, vibrating on specific frequencies. When you focus on the sound of AUM, you will become peaceful. At first, it can drive you crazy, but as you start being connected to the vibration, you will eventually become pleasant and restful. A great way to do this is while you practice meditation. Make yourself in tune with your body and scatter stress out of your life. The best way is that you don’t need anything just your own body.

Make the mind work for you, not against you, and you will succeed in life.



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  1. Michael

    True I guess,  everyone has certain songs that have a rhythm that puts their mind in a different state. 

    While there is usually a positive feel associated with this in blogs and other lifestyle / meditation manuals, there is another side. That is there are songs that make people angry. 

    Many Mothers forbade their children to listen to certain types of popular music. Some people find certain music offensive and change channels if it is playing on the radio. 

    Finding music with a vibration to train to can not be a one size fits all. 

  2. Hekuran

    Hey Jan! As most part of the world is going through not very happy times, Music is some of the things that are in the to-do list in our day-to-day lives in our quarantine state. I loved to read your article and learn more about Music and how it connects to the human body and mind in a lot of ways.

    I love going to the gym, and with the right music, it can get more fun and less tiring and boring. Some people like to listen to slower music when they are sad, yet others try to make the pain go away with a more rhythmic and beating music. Either way, listening to music is one of my favourite things to do on my free time.


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