Magnesium citrate

Magnesium citrate

Have you ever encountered muscle cramps? Do you want to perform on another level in the gym? Magnesium citrate supplementation can help you support your endurance and strength in the gym. Your muscles will fatigue later as magnesium helps with the supply of nutrients to your muscles and the disposition of lactate.

What is magnesium?

Magnesium is a vital mineral in the human body. Even if you have a perfect diet plan, you may want to add magnesium supplementation, especially when you have long sessions in the gym or any kind of sport, for that matter. There is A LOT of benefits to magnesium supplementation, as it plays an essential role in our muscles, brain, and overall health. It can improve your energy levels and therefore boost your performance. The best aid for muscle spasms/cramps and support for overall well-being.

Food rich in magnesium

Magnesium is usually in dark leafy greens, legumes, avocados, tofu. A great deal of Magnesium is also in dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, whole grains (bulgur/oats/barley/quinoa), and fatty fish, which are also a great source of protein and healthy fats (omega-3 fatty acids).

Also, fruit such as bananas is very rich in magnesium. A medium-sized banana provides 32mg of magnesium, along with potassium. So go bananas!

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Recommended daily intake of Magnesium

  • Men: 400?420 mg
  • Women: 310?320 mg

You can check the Harvard Table of certain foods magnesium content in milligrams (mg) here;

Why should you pick Magnesium Citrate over regular Magnesium?

Magnesium Citrate is one of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium, meaning that it’s more easily absorbed in your digestive tract than other types of Magnesium.

That is why it is overall the best option as it is not that expensive, for the benefits it offers.

Is magnesium citrate safe?

Magnesium citrate is, in most cases, safe for consumption, as long as it is in safe doses, but for some people, there should be some safety precautions before using it.

If you have any kind of stomach pain, nausea, kidney disease, or experiencing vomiting, you should speak to your doctor first before taking magnesium citrate supplementation.

Magnesium citrate side effects

As with all things, everything has a side effect. With Magnesium citrate, you can experience some kind of stomach discomfort or mild diarrhea. But in most cases, you should be good to go.

However, if you experience severe pain in the stomach or extensive diarrhea, or even allergic reaction (trouble with breathing), you should stop with the supplementation of magnesium citrate.

Magnesium citrate and constipation

Magnesium citrate can significantly improve your digestion. In some cases, magnesium is the right solution for constipation. So it is a great, natural way to deal with this type of issue.

Magnesium citrate works as an osmotic laxative, as it relaxes bowel movement and brings water into your intestinal tract. It is even cheaper than regular laxatives, and it won’t destroy your bacterial microflora in the gastrointestinal tract. It shouldn’t cause urgent bathroom visits tough, as it is very mild. You shouldn’t take too much of it, though.

500 mg a day for an active person is more than enough.

Magnesium citrate overdose

Magnesium overdoses are very rare and not commonly reported. Signs of an overdose include severe stomach pain or diarrhea. In suspicion of an overdose, visit the emergency room immediately.


Magnesium supplementation can be an excellent investment in your health. It is cheap, safe to use, and very useful. Supports healthy function of the muscles, nerves, brains, and makes sure that you have the necessary energy levels, to perform at your best in your daily activities and training. So it is recommended for athletes as well as for people who have a desk job.

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  1. Ella

    Wow! This is a really good post yo see here and I’m very delighted that you have shared this out here. In all honesty, this magnesium citrate is a very good supplement especially owing to the health benefits that it offers. Undeniably, it is better than ordinary magnesium. The only thing baffling me is that, can it be used by a diabetic patient?

  2. Riley

    Well, I have heard before from out fitness center about the importance of magnesium and how it really helps the body system and can get one back in shape really quick to work better in the gym. Now you’re confirming it and also giving some good foods that I can take to help it. I think the supplement is a very good idea. I like it and will buy one. I would definitely check out for the side effects.

  3. Alblue

    Well thank you very much for sharing this information. I remember having cramps a bit frequently when I was active in gym before the COVID-19 outbreak happens. If I read this correctly, one banana can only provide for 1/10 of normal daily magnesium intake? Well, if that’s the case, then I will certainly considering Magnesium Citrate. It sounds worth if the bottle can last for at least half a year. Will check in Amazon for the availability. Thanks

  4. Gomer

    Before this COVID-19 crisis, we have a lot of bananas here in our home as my father and his farm workers continuously harvest bananas but since the crisis started and people got quarantined, we are now short of supply of bananas here. And since I’m working out with my fitness regimen, I think ordering a bottle of this Magnesium citrate supplement can make a good alternative to eating raw bananas. And what I like with this supplementation is, we can monitor the amount of Magnesium we intake as compared to just eating bananas. Thanks for giving me an alternative idea, I find this really helpful and I will be tuning in for more helpful articles from you.

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