About me

About me

About me

Hello everyone, and welcome to JK’s movement website. My name is Jan Kolosa, and I come from Slovenia. I was always in sports and trained almost everything out there. I have experience in swimming and weightlifting for over 16 years altogether. My passion has always been fitness.

I think we should all be focused on the journey and not the destination. This is how we can enjoy our path to become the strongest version of ourselves.

Calisthenics and gymnastics are also what I enjoy very much, as they will build your control of the body like nothing else.


We want to help people achieve their fitness goals with joy, satisfaction, and with no injuries. Nutrition is the other half of the pie, which is as important, if not more, and that is why I want to talk about food. You can find more about nutrition here.


I made the JK movement an inspiration to help people stabilize their mindset and make the most out of it.

It might as well be our friend or our enemy. Since I was diagnosed with psychosis years ago, I went through hell and paradise in between and realized many things. I have met beautiful individuals because of that and started to look at everything around me, including people with more respect.

Now I’m going better than ever, through the help of meditation and sports.

Why am I telling you this?

Because more and more people are having issues with depression, social anxiety, or psychosis. That is why I want to share this with you and help you out through meditation and communication.

Be still and chill

Passion for Music

Since I was a child, I always loved musicality. I was that strange kid dancing to the random beats in the forest, hiding from everyone else. Ooops… guilty.

I never shared anything with anyone but then life happened and I started embracing my journey with others since I wanted to uplift someone’s bad day and motivate them to be more joyful. You can visit my IG profile here.

Music was and still is a big part of my life;


Body&Mind Fitness Apparel

Creativity knows no limits and so I became obsessed with the perfect design to represent the JK movement. I always wanted to create harmony between the body and the mind and so the logo became alive. The lion represents power, focus, leadership, youth, and loyalty. It is alive, breathing, and waiting for you to represent us in the strongest version of yourself.



JK Movement stands for you

Everything at JK Movement was made to motivate you to take steps forward in life. Towards your goals, desires. May that be a more fit and healthy lifestyle, a peaceful state of mind, or any kind of accomplishment of yours. JK Movement stands for you with love and passion toward movement.


Jan Kolosa
Where the mind meets the body.


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