How yoga can change your life

How yoga can change your life

Yoga can really change your life for the better.

I know there are a lot of variations of yoga and it can get confusing from 0 to 100 real quick.

Let’s simplify.


My experience of yoga




I believe yoga should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, and for free!

Yoga should be simple and joyful with no boundaries.

It should recharge your energy and motivate you to do daily tasks with ease and joy.

Step into my experience of yoga.

As long as you want to try it out and I motivated you towards movement, I have achieved my goal here.


Movement of nature

The yoga you see today is simply an expression of body movement, but it means more than just this. It is boundless, an effortless movement that connects your body with your mind. It is a 100% recharge of your body, mind, and spirit. As long as you do it consciously.

Yoga for vitality

I am the best proof of how yoga can change your health status to a better state.

Why so?

I am a health monster. What do you mean by that?


always having issues, pain, discomfort or mental diarrhea can be a fun thing if you’re a masochist, but most people don’t like feeling this way, including me. And to clear the statement, it is NOT natural to feel like this. Anxiety, depression, fear, and anger are all NEGATIVE outcomes of our mental state. If we add illnesses and physical pain, you will have only 1 wish. To be healthy again. So take control of your life before it gets this far.

Yoga can help you reach a healthy body, clear this mental diarrhea of yours, and take control of your mindfulness.

Breathing yoga


breathing yoga

Yoga should connect your breathing with movement. This way you will be more aware of yourself and also help vitalize your body.

Try simple conscious breathing, while stretching your body parts.

When the muscle lengthens, inhale. While it shortens, exhale.

Do it in the same pattern.

Yoga healed me

I had a number of issues before I started implementing some kind of movement into my life. I had problems with too much weight, constipation, and depression and last year also got a herniated disc. However, I can do every exercise in my book now, while I have a pain-free spine. A better state of mind now than before is another thing. I feel like I am more productive, energized, and yeah. I can poop properly.

So yoga healed me and it can also heal you!

What have I learned with yoga?


  • It is important to feel your body.

Read that again.

It is important to feel your body. Where are blockages of energy? There should be your focus! To release old, stagnated energy and to bring in fresh stuff packed with nutrients. If you have trouble with the movement of the body or even walking, then start visualizing yourself walking again. And when you start walking, visualize yourself running and doing things you desire to do!

  • Never force yourself.

If you have a bad day, find a way to snuck some stretches while resting. If there is pain, be reasonable and don’t go over the limitations. Pain is a signal that something isn’t right.

  • The key to success is consistency.

Nevertheless, even I can get lazy as a sloth. But it is not an excuse. If you want to be vital, you should be consistent with your practice of yoga!

  • Enjoy!

If you don’t like your routine, just change it. It is the most important thing. If you do not like it, you simply won’t do it eventually. It is a better 5-minute routine that you enjoy, love, and cant wait to do than a 1-hour routine that will stay on the table, collecting dust.




Stay motivated guys.

Much love,


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