Be still and chill

Be still and chill

What do you want to achieve in life?
What is the purpose if there is one?
Why are we here?

Your actions count!

Everyone has his own opinion about what matters in life and what should we do/shouldn’t do. All of us have some goals and desires we want to achieve. That is good. This is what keeps us going. It motivates us to go above and beyond.

However, we need to be conscious of our actions and act responsibly. Otherwise, one’s goals can destroy others’ lives, if they don’t behave responsibly for another well-being. They can go “above and beyond” someone’s pain knowingly or unknowingly. Either way, someone gets hurt.

Instead of going that road, rather pick that one, which will benefit society as a whole. When you become responsible, everything becomes natural. And nature is never against life. It is for life.

Why being still and chill?

Why ask why? Because it is the nature of our curiousness. We strive for unlimited and we want to know everything. If you ever wondered “who am I?”, you are on the right path. Just don’t ask people on the street “who are you?”.

You just may look like a lunatic. They may laugh at you or ask you who are you?

So who am I?

Well, I can’t answer that for you… but I would say, you would be faster knowing if you ask yourself “what is not me?” Is that chair you are sitting on you? Are the clothes you are wearing you? It can go on and on.

“If you think you are big, you become small. If you think you are small, you become unlimited” is a quote by Sadhguru.

We are complete…

We are living by ourselves and there is nothing incomplete about that.

Everything we are searching for is inside of us. Yes, we need some distractions and something to get by because otherwise, we would go mad in this modern society. But if we remove all of the distractions, materialistic possessions (money, house, cars, etc.), family/partner,.. what do we get?

Have you ever asked yourself, why is it so hard to be quiet and steady in one place? Obviously, we are in bad company if we have trouble staying in our own bodies with no outside distractions.

What to do?

If you want to be free, you will need to go inside first. Just be still and chill. Also, simple 10-15 minutes of TM, a day can do wonders.

Transcedental Meditation

If you don’t have access to a TM instructor you can start by simply closing your eyes and staying still for 5 minutes. Throughout the day, try to be aware of your breathing. You can also check Sadhguru on Youtube.

What this will do is to make you more conscious of yourself. You will have to consciously sit down and be present, there is no other way. Breathing on your command is also done consciously. Just don’t hold your breath for too long, be still and chill.


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