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JK Movement - Health and Fitness


The squat is one of the most fundamental movements out there. The very next thing we did, when we started walking is squat. As we...
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How yoga can change your life

Yoga can really change your life for the better. I know there are a lot of variations of yoga and it can get confusing from...
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How to lose weight?

Hey there. Wondering how to lose weight? Are you frustrated because you have failed way too many times to keep off that excess weight? I...
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Be still and chill

What do you want to achieve in life? What is the purpose if there is one? Why are we here? Your actions count! Everyone has...
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Stress and health

Why should we consider taking care of our bodies? Don't let stress get the best of your health! We only know how fragile we are...
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Social distancing

When we talk about social distancing from each other, there are only two options; either we go crazy mad because we became identified with this...
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