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Ayurveda body types

You may ask, what is Ayurveda? The underlying philosophy of the Ayurveda body types teaches us that our diet and consciousness are significant factors in...
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Magnesium citrate

Have you ever encountered muscle cramps? Do you want to perform on another level in the gym? Magnesium citrate supplementation can help you support your...
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Improve metabolism naturally

Welcome to the topic of metabolism and energy expenditure. If you want to shed weight for good, start listening to your body and become an...
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Healing power of spices

Spices are a gift that nature has given us. They allow us to re-energize with full potential and with all the energy we have. I...
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Pre-workout supplements

Everybody who trains, at some point, considered using pre-workout supplements. It is the craze that everybody wants, literally. What are Pre-workout supplements? A pre-workout supplement...
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Keto Diet Benefits

Want to get high on ketones? Is it that good, and what can you expect from this diet? How does it work in practice? Let...
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Stress Relief

Redesign yourself and become the best version of you.

Be still and chill

What do you want to achieve in life? What is the purpose...
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Social distancing

When we talk about social distancing from each other, there are only...
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Can you experience love, anger, passion, or peacefulness through musicality?   Musicality...
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Benefits of walking daily

Walking is the most therapeutic activity that you can do. It restores...
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Transcendental Meditation

Welcome to the topic of meditation. Meditation got lost and crooked through...
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